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Domestic & International Ticketing

For a hassle-free travel within the Philippines and abroad, LJ4 assists your airline booking for your convenience.

Passport & Visa Assistance

Are you ready to go anywhere? Get a passport first! Our company will gladly assist you for your travel needs by passport and visa processing.

Educational Tours

The purpose of this tour is educate, giving additional knowledge and to explore each student so that they can build their ambitions in the future.

Team Building Packages

All we know that it is quite hard to be very productive each day that cause stress and other destruction while on your work. We create this package in order to regain, replenish and most importantly know the essence of working hard.


Do you travel a lot? You must set your #BucketList and #TravelGoals! Because Y.O.L.O.- You Live Only Once

so you must enjoy your dream vacation!

LJ4 Travel and Tour Services is a one-stop shop for all your travel needs. Do you have questions & concerns? You may call and message us in our FB page.

Need Help?

Booking a major trip is exciting,

but it can also be a bit overwhelming. 

We understand. That's why LJ4 Travel and Tour Services is here to assist you!


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